All people are musical. Yes, that means you too.

All People including you are musical.

Here are three keys to learning and making music. You can do it!

Anyone and everyone that wants can make music. Humans are musical by nature. Some people will disagree with those two statements but it is true. Have doubts about whether you can learn to play music? The answer is yes and we can put those doubts to rest right now.

If you want to play basic songs for yourself, kids or with your friends, that is very achievable.

Mastering a new skill makes us feel good about ourselves. And music is a valuable gift that we can share with others.

The first two keys to learning to make music are to have a proper mind set and good instruction.

Mind set

Our beliefs make up much of our reality. The old saying “if you believe you can or you can’t, you are right” applies to playing music as much as anything. I’ve encountered many people who refuse to believe they have any musical ability. I love changing that belief.

Fears and false beliefs that stop people from being a music maker include:

I’m not musical

No one would want to hear me sing

My parents play but talent skipped a generation

I have terrible rhythm

I couldn’t carry a tune if it was in a bucket!

I want to but I’m scared that people might laugh at me.

We need to re-frame these beliefs into more helpful and productive ones.

Author Stephen Covey often says things like “If you argue for your weakness, it’s yours”.

All people have fears in their lives. Often times it’s a great opportunity to grow as a person.

Mindset to hold:

Believe you are musical by design and just need coaching to express it in your own special way.


Most things we can do were taught to us. Few of us figured out all by ourselves how to tie our shoes and no one alive made up the ABCs.

We learn what we are taught. If taught well, we typically learn well.

People learn in different ways. Some people do well with online instruction. Others learn best in person with a teacher able to correct them in the moment. Some people are visual learners  and others prefer listening. Some love interactive software.

Different styles of learning for different styles of people. None of them are wrong.

A good question to ask: “How do I learn best?”


Time is the third component to our success formula. Having a proper mindset and good instruction will get us only so far. We still need to put in the time and practice what we are learning.

We play music we don’t work music but learning and practicing can be hard work which is good. To become good or even great we work hard so we can play more. Having fun while we learn will increase how long and often we practice and how well the material sticks.

Quality is better than quantity when practicing. 20 minutes every day is usually more productive than 2 hours once a week. 2 hours once a week will still get you playing and is better than nothing. Do what works for you.

3 step formula anyone can use for learning and playing music.

1. Mindset -

Believe that you are musical. Music is in you wanting to express itself through you in your own unique and special way. When you get the instruction you need and put in the time you will succeed whatever that means to you.

2. Instruction -

Find a person, program or website that can deliver the knowledge you need in your style of learning. This will likely be many people or a combination of human and virtual sources over time.

Hopefully you will keep learning music your entire life. There is an endless diversity of people, styles and schools to learn from.

3. Put in the work/play -

Commit to practicing what you learn and improve a little all the time. Ask questions and try new things. Connect with others and having fun makes the experience and information retention better.

If you put in the time following good instruction you will be able to play music. Some learn faster than others. Some people have more natural ability but don’t worry about that. Persistence is the great equalizer. Remember the tortoise and hare story.
You can do it.

Just start.

Your future self will thank you